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百億の昼と千億の夜が君を隠した 瞼の裏に金の針で印されるは 伝え聞く断片と星の瞬き L-FebはLegendary Fe(iron) being 伝説的鉄生物、造語です。 「鳳凰」といえば、「不死鳥」「フェニックス」と同じと思われることがほとんどと感じますが、細かいことを言えば別な存在だそうです。 ただ、 どちらも火と再生の象徴と言われるそうです。 鉄鉱石が高炉で焼かれ鉄になり、用途を終わり廃材となった鉄は再び 焼かれ再生します。 鉄の中には最初から鳳凰が住んで居るのかもしれないと感じながら作 りました。 ------------------------------------ Ten billion noon and one hundred billion nights hid you It is marked with a gold needle on the back of the eyelids Transmissible fragment and star blink L-Feb is a legendary Fe (iron) being legendary iron creatures, coined. Speaking of "phoenix", I think that it seems to be almost the same as "Phoenix", but as far as finer things are said to be different. However, Both are said to be the symbol of fire and regeneration. Iron ore is burned in a blast furnace to become iron, the use ended and the iron which became the waste material is burned and regenerated again. While feeling that Phoenix may live in the iron from the beginning I did it.

Author: eguchiminori